Amazing WhatsApp Tips And Tricks 2023

WhatsApp Tips and Tricks: Amazing Android and iPhone Tricks

What is WhatsApp’s best feature?This simple messaging app has a lot of great features, like secret messaging, but you can also customize your experience in a lot of cool ways.There are many ways to personalize your WhatsApp experience, such as changing the language of your messages or sending voice notes.The good news is that none of these tricks cost anything!Learn more by reading on.Additionally, we have listed a few ways to personalize your WhatsApp experience.

Change WhatsApp’s language WhatsApp is a well-known messaging app that is used by over one billion people in 180 countries.WhatsApp is an essential part of almost everyone’s life because it offers a variety of features.It can be used to send photos, videos, and gifs as well as make and receive phone calls.It is free, simple to use, and works with phones from all over the world, including mobile phones from various nations.However, you can easily change WhatsApp’s language in a few simple steps if you don’t want to deal with language differences.

You must first know the language of your device before you can change WhatsApp’s language.Go to Settings after that ->The app language.You will need to open Settings if you use Android.Language.Tap on Language on the App Language screen.This will change WhatsApp’s language to match your phone’s language.Select a different language, such as English, to change the language on your phone.If not, tap Settings once more to select the default language.

Go to the keyboard’s settings and select the Language Switch Key as the next step.You will be able to change the keyboard’s language thanks to this.You can also type in a different language using the language switch key by repeatedly pressing the Space key.You’ll be able to use this WhatsApp trick and write normally after you’re done.In addition, you can write in various languages using bold, italic, strikethrough, and other text styles.

On WhatsApp, you can also change the font size and language.WhatsApp has over a billion monthly users and supports more than 60 languages, which is a significant portion of the global population!Even though there are a lot of people using the messaging app, it’s easy to forget which language you prefer.Therefore, you can change WhatsApp’s language.Soon, you’ll be able to use it in completely new ways.

Follow these straightforward steps to change WhatsApp’s language in the most effective manner.To begin, you must launch the settings app.Select Language and Input from the System menu to access the settings.Select the language you wish to use.After that, select the language by pressing the gear or wheel buttons.After that, select the language that you just installed.On the screen, the language will be displayed.If you want to move forward, you will be asked to confirm your choice.
Adjust the font’s size.

You’ve come to the right place if you’ve ever wanted to change WhatsApp’s font size.You have the option of altering any one of the app’s three font sizes.Depending on the font size you select, the size of the text will change.In the contacts list, however, you are unable to alter the font size.WhatsApp is the only place where you can alter the size of your chats.What should you do then?

Open the main WhatsApp screen and select Settings to change the font size.Select Font Size by clicking on Chat Title in the settings section.Choose the font size that works best for you.Next, select the new or ongoing conversation on the main screen.The font size for your message will now be larger.You can also alter its size to suit your requirements.Alternately, you can adjust the font size in other apps like Facebook Messenger and Messages.

Small, medium, and large font sizes are available on WhatsApp.Unfortunately, you won’t be able to see how big the text will be until you enter a chat.Big Font, a third-party application, can be downloaded to alter WhatsApp’s text size.It will increase the font size on your entire device to the desired size.For users with visual impairments, Big Font is an excellent choice.

You can try using the character “-” instead if you prefer a larger font.Usually, the character is at the top of the keyboard.By pressing Ctrl+ or Ctrl-, you can adjust the font size in the Chrome browser.Only the current page will be affected by the changes.You have the option to change WhatsApp’s font size from large to small.You can now send messages to see if the text size has changed after selecting a font size.

The italics text formatting tool is another option for altering WhatsApp’s font size.This works well for quotes as well as any other type of text.To italicize a word, all you need to do is type an underscore (_) before and after it.It’s that simple!Fortunately, WhatsApp supports this option, allowing you to easily alter the font size of any WhatsApp message with a single button click.

Send voice notes You can now record and send voice notes through WhatsApp.You can pause and resume recording a voice note with the new feature.Additionally, you can lock the record button to allow for a longer voice after you have begun recording.Until recently, desktop and iOS users did not have access to the pause feature.You can also preview your voice messages before sending them with this new feature.

Your voice memos can be found under the Media tab.Downloading an application that translates audio files into text is the first step.The internal storage can be accessed on Android devices.The WhatsApp folder needs to be located once you get there.After that, tap the “Media” folder.Alternately, the File Manager is where you can locate your voice messages.You are able to delete the file once you have located it.

Although the VN feature is simple to use, some WhatsApp users have trouble sending voice messages.The inability to save VN from other people is the most prevalent issue with this.Additionally, WhatsApp’s WA feature does not permit you to save voice notes from other users.In the event that you are unable to type the message, you are fortunate to have the option to save the voice messages that you receive from friends and family.

Instead of sending multiple long stories, if you enjoy telling stories, send just the main idea.Also, it’s a good idea to tell the person receiving the recording that it shouldn’t be too long or they might not like it.You can always reply to someone’s voice note with a “haha” or other funny word if you’re sending voice notes.WhatsApp may include this feature in the future.

Before sending the voice messages to friends and family, users can preview them in the interim.If you want to check your intonation before writing the text or are in a hurry, this is a great feature.There was no way to preview voice messages before sending them before this feature was made available.However, that function is currently accessible on all platforms.Only if you use hands-free recording can you now stop recording, add more notes, and preview voice messages.

Stickers can be sent using a variety of WhatsApp methods.Users can now send stickers by uploading an image, despite the fact that the feature was not made available in the desktop version of the app.Open the conversation and select the Attachment or Sticker icon to send stickers.Select the sticker you want to send next, and then click the send button.The recipient’s phone will see the sticker as a small image. You can edit the text and change the color of the sticker to fit your mood.

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You can also use an image that you took with your phone or saved in the gallery.A photo with a transparent background is the best choice for stickers.You can send the image as a sticker by cutting it with scissors if the background is not transparent.After editing the image, you can send it to a friend so that it looks like a sticker.How to use stickers in WhatsApp with these tips and tricks

WhatsApp users must have the most recent version in order to send stickers.The stickers store can be found once you have it.Simply ensure that your phone has the most recent version of the app by updating it.Open a chat and select the Emoji or Sticker icon after you have finished this.After that, you’ll need to choose which sticker you want to send.Stickers are delivered just like other types of messages.


After downloading the app, you can select one of several sticker packs.Select “Add to WhatsApp” from the sticker pack’s page, then select a pack.The stickers can be used for WhatsApp messaging once downloaded.You can download additional stickers from third-party apps if you’d rather use them.Sticker packs for WhatsApp are also available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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